Choice things

“Precious” ( meged ) is used in only two books of the Old Testament. in Deuteronomy 33, it is used five times in Moses’ blessing on Joseph. It is used three times in the Song (4:13, . . . . Continue Reading »

Hear, my Son

My friend, Ralph Smith, has published several excellent books on the Trinity ( Paradox and Truth: Rethinking Van Til on the Trinity ; Eternal Covenant: How the Trinity Reshapes Covenant Theology ; . . . . Continue Reading »

New Jacob

Genesis ends with Jacob blessing his sons (Genesis 49). Deuteronomy ends with Moses blessing the tribes that have descended from Jaob’s sons (Deuteronomy 33). Moses is a new Jacob, the father . . . . Continue Reading »

Bridal Camp

Deuteronomy 23:14 warns the Israelite army to maintain a sanitation system in the war camp so that Yahweh, who walks in the midst of the camp, will not find any “thing of nakedness.” The . . . . Continue Reading »