The word “maiden” is used twice in the Song, first in 1:3, where the Bride says that the maidens love her Lover, and then in 6:8, where the maidens join with the queens and concubines in . . . . Continue Reading »


What excites erotic desire? Our pornographic culture highlights the sheerly sensual - the visible form of the face and body, the aroma of a perfume, the allure of sexy clothing. Eros is aroused when . . . . Continue Reading »

Song of Loves

The Hebrew shir (song) is used vastly more often in the Psalmter than anywhere else, as one would expect. It appears over 40 times there, and doesn’t even reach double figures in any other . . . . Continue Reading »

Wedding Prep

Jesus tells the church at Laodicea to go shopping (Revelation 3:18). They’re supposed to buy purified gold, white clothing to cover their nakedness, and eye salve to anoint their eyes. Why . . . . Continue Reading »


In the first wasf of the bride in Song of Songs 4, the bride is seen behind a veil. Her eyes are like doves “behind your veil” (v. 1), her temples like pomegranate “behind your . . . . Continue Reading »