Greek and Roman Sacrifice

Greek and Roman Animal Sacrifice, edited by Christopher Faraone and F.S. Naiden, is divided into four sections: modern treatments of sacrifice, Greek and Roman sacrificial practice, representations in visual arts, and sacrifice in Greek comedy and tragedy.Bruce Lincoln opens with an informative . . . . Continue Reading »

The offense of infancy

Pliny the Elder is, James Mumford says, indignant and offended at babies, perhaps especially at the thought that he once was one ( Ethics at the Beginning of Life: A phenomenological critique , 111). In Natural History , he writes, “man alone on the day of his birth Nature casts away naked on . . . . Continue Reading »

Rational Worship

Summarizing the thought of Epictetus, Wright ( Paul and the Faithfulness of God ) points to a passage that he describes as “one of the most remarkable and noble expressions of gratitude for divine favour to be found anywhere outside the Judaeo-Christian tradition”: “Why, if we had . . . . Continue Reading »