Prophetic theory

Polanyi points out ( Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy , 5) that the Copernican system had implications that Copernicus himself never knew, but adds that Copernicus and everyone . . . . Continue Reading »

Double real

At the beginning of her new Repetition and Identity: The Literary Agenda , Catherine Pickstock lays out her Kierkegaardian agenda: “To say that every thing, every res, only exists when it has . . . . Continue Reading »

God and the gods

In his sketch of Greco-Roman philosophy in Paul and the Faithfulness of God (Christian Origins and the Question of God) , NT Wright quotes this wonderful passage from Diogenes Laertius that describes . . . . Continue Reading »

Will and Being

Agamben ( Opus Dei: An Archaeology of Duty ) concludes his book with a summary of the argument of Ernst Benz, who claimed that a metaphysics of will took the place of classic metaphysics of being . . . . Continue Reading »