Well, here’s an interesting coincidence (pointed to by Derrida, still in “Plato’s Pharmacy”): Derrida is discussing the ritual of the pharmakos , which he is connecting to . . . . Continue Reading »


Babel has become a key image for postmodern Western thought. A number of years ago, Princeton’s Jeffrey Stout wrote Ethics After Babel , reacting to the Babelic move of some moral philosophers . . . . Continue Reading »

More Derrida

From Derrida, still talking about the analogy of father-son and origin-speech: the father is not the generator or procreator in any “real” sense prior to or outside all relation to . . . . Continue Reading »


In his history of the ancient concept of progress, E. R. Dodds says that one <blockquote>fundamental limitation on the idea of progress was imposed by the theory of Forms, both in Platonic and . . . . Continue Reading »