Believe it

Thanks to my son Christian, I believe the impossible. I believe in upsalite, the super-absorbent material recently discovered accidentally by researchers at the University of Uppsala. According to . . . . Continue Reading »

Frozen light

“A team from University of Darmstadt has managed to stop light for an entire minute .” To get a bit of frozen light “they took an opaque crystal and fired lasers into it to disturb . . . . Continue Reading »

Tuning the Sky

The ancient Pythagorean notion of a musical universe sounds quaint today, but it was still very much a live option during the era of the scientific revolution. David Plant explains how Kepler’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Imagined science

Judith Shulevitz offers a novel (ha!) defense of the liberal arts in the latest TNR . Liberal arts should be supported because they produce science fiction and science fiction inspires scientific . . . . Continue Reading »