Triune sex

Criticizing Levinas’s dyadism, Luce Irigaray writes, “He know nothing of communion in pleasure. Levinas does not ever seem to have experienced the transcendence of the other which becomes . . . . Continue Reading »


Andrew Louth explains the fundamental intuition of sophiology in his characteristically lucid Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology : “the gulf between the uncreated God and the creation, . . . . Continue Reading »

One Person in Two

Aidan Nichols gives a neat summary of the Triune unity of the church in his Figuring out the Church: Her Marks, and Her Masters . Following Heribert Muhlen, he particularly emphasizes the role of the . . . . Continue Reading »

New Creation

John W. Dixon makes an intriguing argument in a 1998 Anglican Theological Review essay on “Trinitarian anthropology.” He offers a fundamental anthropology rooted in physics and . . . . Continue Reading »