What are the springs of action that material well-being might unbend or loosen? I suppose they’re all the things that have to do with — acquiring material well-being, up to a point, of . . . . Continue Reading »

Spillover Effects

Over at the Confabulum I’ve tried to continue rolling out my conceptual brief against ideology . Part of my contention there is that in democratic times the allure of ideology is the . . . . Continue Reading »

The L Word

Every once in a while — or maybe often — it’s worth a reality check to see if theory matches up to practice. Of course those of us inclined to note that being precedes consciousness . . . . Continue Reading »

In Re: Fresh Ideas

A possibility Helen doesn’t explore explicitly is that Obama’s broad but thin and vague popularity is in some significant measure the consequence of stale ideas on the right — or at . . . . Continue Reading »