Maureen Mullarkey is a painter who writes on art and culture. Her essays have appeared in various publications, among them: The Nation, Crisis, Commonweal, Hudson Review, Arts, The New Criterion, First Things, The Weekly Standard, and The Magazine Antiques. She was a columnist for The New York Sun.

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Killing Sex To Save It

From Maureen Mullarkey

The conjugal act is a wooden expression that trumpets discomfort with sexual expression, even distaste. A standard textbook phrase, it reduces marital sexuality to genital activity and an exchange of body fluids. The shrinkage is subtle but real. Continue Reading »

Father Delp: A Postscript

From Maureen Mullarkey

The pamphlet press smiles and strokes. But Delp’s writing is of another order entirely. His words were formed at the edge of the precipice, death grinning in his face. There is a fragrance to these prison meditations. The odor of his own dying was in his nostrils as he wrote. Continue Reading »

Advent With Alfred Delp

From Maureen Mullarkey

We are in Advent. No one has written about the liturgical season as powerfully as Alfred Delp, a man who came to see life itself as a continuous Advent. Manacled in his cell, he could write only when his fetters were secretly unlocked or loosely fastened. Awaiting death, he had time only for the essentials: the question of man and the renunciations that awaken him to his true purpose. Continue Reading »

A Tale of Three Centers

From Maureen Mullarkey

When St. Vincent’s Hospital declared bankruptcy in 2010 the newly founded Gianna Center lost its angel and needed lower cost space than it already occupied in mid-town. The Sheen Center, still taking shape, was a likely place to house the sponsorless Gianna, a pro-life clinic. No such accommodation ever happened Continue Reading »

Michael Hull, Ex-Pat

From Maureen Mullarkey

The Scottish Episcopal Church has announced the appointment of Dr. Hull as its Director of Studies. He is currently living out his baptismal call by Skype at the Mercer School of Theology on Long Island. The former monsignor conducts classes through the ether from his conjugal home in northern Italy. Now an Episcopalian, he will assume his post in Scotland this January, after semester end at Mercer. Continue Reading »

The Vanity of Melancholy

From Maureen Mullarkey

Only recently has society undone it historic role and dismantled the protocols of mourning which it had designed and imposed until the twentieth century. Mourning rituals are not addressed to the dead, but to each other. They are a conversation among ourselves—an exchange between the mourner and the community from which the dead have been evacuated.
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