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A Real Pitfall For Scott Walker

From First Thoughts

Nate Cohn has some thoughts on Scott Walker that are pretty similar to mine. Cohn argues that Walker has a chance to be a unifying candidate. That’s true, but I also think Walker has a chance to be the Tea Party-friendly alterative to Chris Christie if Ted Cruz collapses and Rand Paul fails . . . . Continue Reading »

Scott Walker And National Issues

From First Thoughts

I read and mostly enjoyed Scott Walker’s new campaign biography. It is pretty good by the low standards of the genre. Walker is pretty clearly getting ready to run for president. Like Allahpundit said, Walker has the potential to appeal to both the Republican establishment and conservatives . . . . Continue Reading »

Persuasion and Trust

From Web Exclusives

The center-right faces two interlocking problems. The first is external. After decades of assuming that America was a center-right country with a “silent majority,” the right was awoken to an America that gave a majority of the popular vote to Barack Obama not under the perfect circumstances of 2008, but under the ambivalent circumstances of 2012. To make it worse, the electorate gave twenty-five out of the thirty-three Senate races contested in 2012 to the Obama’s Democrats or to Democrat-aligned independents. . . . Continue Reading »

On The Power Grab By The Senate Democrats

From First Thoughts

I’m all for it. Given the recent polarization of the two parties, coherent policy can now only be made during rare moments of overwhelming control by one party. The rest of the time, policy either gets made by inertia (the expiration of the Bush tax cuts on the highest earners) or else you . . . . Continue Reading »

After Obamacare

From First Thoughts

Will it be single-payer?  If conservatives don’t offer a viable alternative using incremental changes, single-payer is what we will (eventually) get.  Yuval Levin and Ramesh Ponnuru point conservatives in the direction of the reforms we need.    And from now a word . . . . Continue Reading »

What Isn’t The Story

From First Thoughts

Nancy Pelosi was just as bad as you’ve heard on Meet The Press . There was her determined denial of the obvious (that Obamacare had led to the cancellation of insurance policies for millions). There was her declaration of utter ruthlessness in pursuit of the passage of Obamacare (“If we . . . . Continue Reading »