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After Obamacare

From First Thoughts

Will it be single-payer?  If conservatives don’t offer a viable alternative using incremental changes, single-payer is what we will (eventually) get.  Yuval Levin and Ramesh Ponnuru point conservatives in the direction of the reforms we need.    And from now a word . . . . Continue Reading »

What Isn’t The Story

From First Thoughts

Nancy Pelosi was just as bad as you’ve heard on Meet The Press . There was her determined denial of the obvious (that Obamacare had led to the cancellation of insurance policies for millions). There was her declaration of utter ruthlessness in pursuit of the passage of Obamacare (“If we . . . . Continue Reading »

A Relational Limited Government Politics

From Web Exclusives

America’s high-earners are more likely to be married. Its low-earners are not: There is a reason why the Julia in President Obama’s “Life of Julia” slideshow got what she needed from President Obama’s policies at every point in her life (and never needed anyone else for anything else). As Peter Lawler has pointed out, the combination of weak social networks and the responsibility of raising children tends to incline voters toward statist policies. . . . Continue Reading »

Hillary Clinton And The Two-Front-War

From First Thoughts

Obamacare’s problems have taken a toll on the president’s job approval numbers. What is worse is that President Obama’s poll numbers are sinking even though the stock market is hitting new highs and the job market is slowly healing. Even the economy stays on the same path (or a . . . . Continue Reading »

The Yuval Levin Republicans?

From First Thoughts

David Weigel has a good (both civil and probing) interview with Nebraska Republican Senate candidate Ben Sasse.   I’m not sure I agree with Weigel’s framing of Sasse as a Ted-Cruz-type.  Reading the Weigel interview and other stories about Sasse, my sense is that Sasse . . . . Continue Reading »