Law and Moral Purpose

From the January 2008 Print Edition

The obligations and purposes of law and government are to protect public health, safety, and morals, and to advance the general welfare”including, preeminently, protecting people’s fundamental rights and basic liberties. At first blush, this classic formulation (or combination of . . . . Continue Reading »

An Unrequited Letter to Anne Rice

From First Thoughts

Dear Ms. Rice: I am a professor of the philosophy of law at Princeton, and someone who enjoyed your fine book Out of Egypt. I have read your endorsement of Senator Clinton and your reasoning as to why you support her despite your pro-life convictions. I am a former Democrat who left the party . . . . Continue Reading »

George: No Tired Meme

From Web Exclusives

Over at the Mirror of Justice website, law professor Eduardo Peñalver keeps reasserting his arguments for why Catholics and other pro-lifers can and should support Democrats¯even those who uphold abortion. But Professor Peñalver’s arguments do not improve with age or . . . . Continue Reading »

George: Reply to Garnett

From Web Exclusives

Mirror of Justice , a website for Catholic law professors, has been the forum for some exceptionally thoughtful debates about the implications of Catholic social thought for questions of law and public policy. One question that has been explored in a sustained way since the 2004 presidential . . . . Continue Reading »

George and Lee: Response to Barr II

From Web Exclusives

(This post was written by Patrick Lee and Robert P. George.) We are grateful to Stephen Barr for continuing the conversation with us about the doctrine of the resurrection of the body. We wish to stress that we hold our view, as Professor Barr holds his, as merely probable . The resurrection is a . . . . Continue Reading »

Material continuity in the resurrection

From Web Exclusives

(This post was written by Robert P. George and Patrick Lee) We are grateful to Stephen Barr for his comments on our recent posting in which we say that the "reassembly" conception of the Jewish and Christian doctrine of the resurrection of the body is most probable. We described that . . . . Continue Reading »

Bodies: The Exhibition

From Web Exclusives

(This post was written by Robert P. George and Patrick Lee.) We have been following with interest and pleasure the exchange between Claire V. McCusker and Robert T. Miller concerning Bodies: The Exhibition . It is heartening to listen in to a debate between two such intellectually gifted and . . . . Continue Reading »