Ben Carson’s Academic Heresy

From First Thoughts

No, not  that  Commencement speaker controversy.  That  Commencement speaker controversy I understand. It’s relatively simple: The left-liberals who run the show at Georgetown have found a way to signal to the world that the nation’s oldest Catholic, and most famous . . . . Continue Reading »

God and Gettysburg

From the Aug/Sept 2010 Print Edition

The Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, and the Constitution of the United States of America—those were the three texts in the blue pamphlet I found on the table in front of me as I took my seat at a conference at Princeton. On the cover was the logo of the American Constitution . . . . Continue Reading »

He Threw It All Away

From Web Exclusives

In the early 1970s, Lutheran pastor Richard John Neuhaus was poised to become the nation’s next great liberal public intellectual¯the Reinhold Niebuhr of his generation. He had going for him everything he needed to be not merely accepted but lionized by the liberal establishment. First, of . . . . Continue Reading »

Making Business Moral

From the October 2008 Print Edition

Business is a calling, even a vocation. It is, to be sure, a way of making a living, sometimes a very good living indeed, but it is also a way of serving. In these dimensions it is like law, medicine, and the other learned professions. And the great schools of business are like the great law and . . . . Continue Reading »

Law and Moral Purpose

From the January 2008 Print Edition

The obligations and purposes of law and government are to protect public health, safety, and morals, and to advance the general welfare”including, preeminently, protecting people’s fundamental rights and basic liberties. At first blush, this classic formulation (or combination of . . . . Continue Reading »

An Unrequited Letter to Anne Rice

From First Thoughts

Dear Ms. Rice: I am a professor of the philosophy of law at Princeton, and someone who enjoyed your fine book Out of Egypt. I have read your endorsement of Senator Clinton and your reasoning as to why you support her despite your pro-life convictions. I am a former Democrat who left the party . . . . Continue Reading »