Dorothy Day’s Dynamic Orthodoxy

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When Dorothy Day was born, in 1897, no one could have imagined her eventual religious standing”least of all her parents, who rarely attended church. But a full century later, in cities throughout the world, Day was proposed for sainthood, and celebrated for her heroic work. The Washington Post summed up that anniversary well … Continue Reading »

Romney’s Other Challenge: Social Issues

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As he attempts to quell the controversy over his recent comments about the alleged dependency habits of nearly half of all Americans, Mitt Romney may have a bigger challenge ahead: inspiring social conservatives to vote for him. Ever since he entered the presidential sweepstakes, a segment of . . . . Continue Reading »

Cardinal Martini and the Timeless Church

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When Cardinal Carlo Martini, the former Archbishop of Milan, died on August 31st, many must have wondered what kind of leader the Church had just lost. “Progressive Catholic Icon … Dies After Saying Church ‘200 years’ Behind,” headlined CBS news on September 3rd. The following day, the Catholic News Service reported Pope Benedict’s tribute: “The late Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini was a ‘generous and faithful pastor of the church,’ who not only studied the Bible ‘but loved it intensely and made it the light of his life.’” … Continue Reading »

Is America Blessed by God?

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In 2008, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly released a survey on how Americans view their country’s relationship to God: “Sixty-one percent agree that America is a nation specially blessed by God,” it revealed, “and 59 percent believe the United States should be a model Christian nation to the world.” These are the kind of results that inspire many Americans—and make others shudder with fear. … Continue Reading »

Modern Films and the Enamel of Our Souls

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Of all the comments made following the tragic shooting in Aurora, perhaps the most piercing were those of Peter Bogdanovich, the Hollywood director: At first, some of the people [at The Dark Night Rises] thought it was part of the movie. That’s very telling. Violence on the screen has increased tenfold … Today, there’s a general numbing of the audience.Continue Reading »

The True Stardom of Fulton Sheen

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The name of Fulton J. Sheen brings to mind many things: “the Golden Age of Catholicism” … the stirring sermons … the amusing stories and dramatic conversions… the black cassock and red cape … the glistening pectoral cross … the angel cleaning the blackboard … and the signature sign-off to his Life is Worth Living television shows: “God love you!” And now, a new description can be added to the list: a saint-in-waiting… . Continue Reading »

Pope John XXIII: Conserver of Tradition

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Blessed John XXIII is one of the most beloved popes in all of history”and quite possibly the most misunderstood. Almost from the moment he was elected pope, Angelo Roncalli”or “Good Pope John,” as he came to be known”captivated the world. There was something about Roncalli’s ways”his buoyant personality and self-deprecating humor; his willingness to affirm rather than condemn”that attracted so many to him.… . Continue Reading »