The Stubborn Myth of the “Warfare” between Science and Religion

Have science and religion historically been at war with each other? This idea is pervasive, deeply ingrained, and often goes unquestioned. But no serious historian of science accepts it today. It was largely the creation of two 19th century authors, who confected it for personal and political reasons. And yet, the myth remains powerful and is endlessly repeated. 

Join Lawrence Principe, professor of the history of science and technology at Johns Hopkins University, for a talk exploring the foundations of this myth and how it rose to the realm of “common knowledge.” Sponsored by the the Society of Catholic Scholars of Delaware, the public lecture will begin at 7:30 tomorrow at the University of Delaware. Visit UD’s event page for more details.

The Joy of Orthodox Pascha

One spring, a few years before I converted to Eastern Orthodoxy, my wife and I vacationed in Greece. On the plane we became friendly with a happy elderly Greek-American gentleman who told us excitedly that he was on a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain (the monastic polity of Mount Athos) for Pascha. “Pascha?” I asked. “What’s Pascha?” . . . Continue Reading »