If you’re a young writer or thinker¯finishing your undergraduate degree or graduate program, or heading into the professional world¯then the First Things junior fellowship is for you. You’ll participate in all of the activities of the journal: from article submission and evaluation, to editing and layout, to proofing and promotion. By the end of the year, you’ll have a solid handle on the world of print journalism.

Looking to develop your writing skills or tackle a research project you’ve never quite had time for? As a First Things junior fellow you’ll be given ample time to work on your own projects and publish your writings on the First Things blog or in the journal. Best of all, you’re in constant conversation with Fr. Neuhaus, Jody Bottum, and the rest of the First Things universe. I know I’ve benefited from the many hours spent in Jody’s office going over my own writing, and how will I ever be able to forget the weekly dinners in Fr. Neuhaus’ apartment, arguing the finer points of moral theology¯apparently Father is an Augustinian, not a Thomist (who knew?). If you’re interested¯and really, you should be¯then apply by clicking here .

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