A Man of Hope

My father, Thomas Patrick Carroll, Sr., was always a man of hope. Thanks to his natural Irish optimism, Dad spent much of his career in motion, moving my mother, brother, and me to half-a-dozen states where better opportunities beckoned and God’s call seemed to lead.Seen through Dad’s . . . . Continue Reading »

The Red Planet

I’ve always thought there’s an easy way to sidetrack the redefining of human nature by biotechnology. All we have to do is revive the space program and promote the colonization of space. All we have to do, in other words, is offer a different temporal purpose and a more exciting goal.An . . . . Continue Reading »

Stork Economics

If you ask a child where babies come from, you can get a lot of interesting answers, but traditionally the most common answer is that they come by stork. Children tend to have a similar understanding of economics. If you ask them where their allowance comes from, the two most likely responses are . . . . Continue Reading »

The Great Debate

I say we must have change. Our changes will consist Of things you may find strange. I have a little list Of things we plan to change. I too say we should change, Change but not too much. We’ll simply rearrange Some agencies and such, Which means we will have change. Of course by . . . . Continue Reading »

The Giving Society

Anyone traveling to Europe this summer will surely marvel at how different it is from the United States¯and how Europeans have trouble understanding the difference. “Individualists,” they call Americans, but the facts show far more personal social concern in the United . . . . Continue Reading »

Stop Reading This Now

What are you doing looking here on the Fourth of July? Go away. Set off some firecrackers. Recite some patriotic speeches. Watch the rockets’ red glare. Read about how the Peterkin boys , Solomon John, and Agamemnon made their disaster of “fulminating paste” from iron-filings and . . . . Continue Reading »