Our New Group Blog

. . . has been up and opining almost a week now¯as distinguished from our Daily Article , found on our homepage and the Daily Article archive page .So remember to click on the little green button on the left-hand side of the homepage for multiple daily blog posts from staff, friends, and usual . . . . Continue Reading »

The Warrior Class

Robert Kaplan has a fine essay over on the American Interest on the growing gap between the military and the civilian society. The military is increasingly a “warrior class” set apart. Kaplan is by no means the first to worry about this, but the intelligence of his worrying is refreshing. . . . . Continue Reading »

Lost in Translation

"Translations are like lovers: There are those that are beautiful but untrue¯and those that are true but unbeautiful."An old saw, perhaps, but I first heard it from the poet Dick Davis, himself a talented translator from medieval Persian . Nonetheless, we live in a glorious age for . . . . Continue Reading »

The Bali Conference

The global warming/climate change noise machine has reached a crescendo this week with Al Gore’s trip to Oslo to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize , our colleges sponsoring ” Focus the Nation ” weeks to promote the self-evident moral truth of combating warming, and above all the . . . . Continue Reading »

God in the Gallery

Numerous illustrations—absorbing, beautiful ones—of both the Vulgate Bible and the Divine Comedy by the Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí are now on view (and for sale) at Manhattan’s William Bennett Gallery . “The Spiritual Art of Salvador Dalí” runs through . . . . Continue Reading »

Watching The Golden Compass

The book version of The Golden Compass begins with a bang. The movie version with a lecture.The film opens with the camera panning across a sea of computer-generated galaxies, and a narrative voice tells us of the underpinnings of Philip Pullman’s world. We learn that many universes lie . . . . Continue Reading »

Mitt Romney on Faith in America

It was a powerful speech powerfully delivered. I don’t do political endorsements but am on record as saying that I think Mitt Romney is in many ways well qualified to be president. There is nothing in the speech that prompts a change of mind on that.Note the title “Faith in . . . . Continue Reading »