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There is nothing left to say now

and nothing left to do the tears

will not come to the eyes of the child

who has kissed her mother and watched

the methodical men bind her with tape

the child

who has heard her mother’s last words

before the death

in the small Brooklyn house

with her niece and her sister

bound on the bed

packaged for death beside her

packaged and taped as she herself

had neatly packaged the drugs

she sold to buy these deaths

but before this death the child has heard

Tanisha, I love you


the baby I loved her I was her mother and

then the shots the shots the shots

that cannot be comprehended

opening the door to the waiting dark

the human soul that cannot be comprehended

the dark in the soul

the hell

O nothing again and perhaps Tanisha

herself will never

speak again the horror will stop

her lips

but dear God why

even in this dark hell are our last words

always the same and no matter

what monster

has possessed our soul

do we superhuman burst from its grip

and in that final strength cry out

I love you I love you remember always

that I loved you.

O gentle Jesus meek and mild

come and kiss

this Thy child.

Photo by Thshriver via Creative Commons. Image cropped.