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Apart and not yet a part,
I live lightless and unseeing
to be consumed out of being.

My soul hungers for release
from all earthly things created,
and above itself elated
would live in delightful peace,
all but God repudiated.

Let them say it, as they may”
most joyful news to my heart”
that my soul has turned away,
apart and not yet a part,

Although mist obscures my sight,
mortality seems nocturnal
darkness, but not infernal,
since, although I lack for light,
I’ve been given life eternal:
the love of a life so prized”
blind love, toward its object fleeing”
keeps my soul so mesmerized
I live lightless and unseeing.

For love such wonders has wrought”
since our friendship came to be”
that good and evil in me
have his flavor, leaving naught
in my soul that is not he,
so that his flame, as it travels
through me, gladly rushes, freeing
all that it finds, which unravels
to be consumed out of being.