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Dear Reader,

I am pleased to welcome you as one of our early Kindle readers.

You may not know that First Things is a non-profit publication. For more than twenty years readers have provided donations that have sustained the journal. Now I’m inserting this letter because I want to reach out to you and our other Kindle readers and ask for your support in 2012.

At First Things , we need to criticize the errors of our secular culture. We need to say “no” when a “no” is necessary: no to the killing of the unborn, no to the redefinition of marriage, no to encroachments on religious freedom, no to the dictatorship of relativism.

But that’s not enough. We need to show our fellow citizens that religious and moral truths provide the foundation for a just and humane society. We need to show these truths at work, and do so with intelligence and in detail, in our lives as well as in our arguments.

I need your support to keep First Things strong so that we can do this vital work together.

Don’t let a secular mentality dominate our culture. More than twenty years ago Richard John Neuhaus and his colleagues founded First Things to project a confident, informed, engaged, and religious voice into the Public Square. It was necessary then, and it remains so today. Donate now and help us become even stronger. Your support keeps First Things a vital voice in public debate.

The staff of First Things is committed to strengthening the magazine, not just with excellent content, but also with good financial management. We’re very stingy with expenditures, and we’ve instituted new efforts to raise money, the most important of which is the new Editor’s Circle. Please consider joining the Editor’s Circle with gift of $1,000 or more.

We’re all thinly stretched. We have lots of charitable commitments, and for many a gift of $1,000 is not realistic. Please know that First Things depends on all her supporters, large and small. Over the years countless readers have given, some $50, some $500, some more. These gifts have made the difference. Yours will as well.

To give to First Things , please go to or mail your check to The Institute on Religion and Public Life, 35 E.21st Street, Sixth Floor, New York, NY 10010.

With warmest regards,

R. R. Reno

P.S. You are not just financial contributors but readers and friends of First Things . Please let us know what you think. What works”and doesn’t work? How can we make the magazine more effective? The entire staff and I welcome your input.

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