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Dowsing in Scripture

From the October 1995 Print Edition

Folded into the corner of a comfortable old sofa, reading an equally comfortable old novel, I discovered an unoccupied corner of my mind with which to contemplate Wallace Stevens’ great poem about reading: “The house was quiet and the world was calm.” But almost at that moment it occurred to . . . . Continue Reading »

Go(o)d in Iris Murdoch

From the February 1995 Print Edition

Recently the Divinity School at the University of Chicago sponsored a conference to investigate and celebrate the theological importance of the writings, especially the novels, of Iris Murdoch. The attitude expressed by many of the theologians involved was one of abject, almost pathetic, gratitude . . . . Continue Reading »

The Second Coming

From the November 1994 Print Edition

A few years ago, when the English novelist A. N. Wilson announced his repudiation of Christianity, the story was reported in Christianity Today . On the face of it this seemed an odd “event” for CT to cover. Wilson’s novels had often, though not always, shown an interest in religious . . . . Continue Reading »

Signs and Wonders

From the December 1993 Print Edition

A few years ago, I joined a group of people who were keeping a lengthy vigil over a dying man. He was a priest and a teacher, a man of great passion, who loved and was loved deeply. Cancer of the bone marrow was racking his body; heavy medication could not hold off the ceaseless tides of pain. That . . . . Continue Reading »

Suya Wars

From the May 1992 Print Edition

Most Americans believe, when they think of the issue at all, that our disputes over the role of religion in public life and discourse are pretty heated—though for some of us they aren’t nearly hot  enough. But in other places the complexity of the issues and the intensity of . . . . Continue Reading »