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Marital Elitism

From First Thoughts

In today’s On the Square , R.R. Reno argues that the fight over gay marriage is another aspect of the war on the weak: The first thing to say is that the gay rights movement has been largely an upper middle class project. Thurgood Marshall attended Lincoln University, an all-black college in . . . . Continue Reading »

The Return of the Squish

From First Thoughts

The debate over “In Christ Alone” rages on, as Timothy George returns to take on the some of the counter-arguments in today’s On the Square : There are many evangelical hymns, of course, that suffer in both content and musicality. But “In Christ Alone” is not one of . . . . Continue Reading »

Pro-Work, Pro-Working-Class

From First Thoughts

In today’s On the Square , Pete Spiliakos returns to discuss immigration and the working class: As individual foreign-born low-skill workers attain US citizenship, gain access to the American welfare state, and build social networks, we should expect the labor markets of those particular . . . . Continue Reading »

Unlucky Places: On Deconsecrated Churches

From Web Exclusives

The day after I arrived in New York City, I got lost. I had left the First Things office for lunch and could not find my way back. Eventually, however, I spotted a church: remembering that there was a church near the office, I headed for it with a sense of relief. But it wasn’t a church, as it happened; it was a shopping center. So I stayed lost. . . . Continue Reading »