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Where Would Jesus Go to Church?

From First Thoughts

Is Jesus a Baptist? Not really—but he’s not a Catholic either. In today’s  On the Square , Timothy George considers the need for “particularity in the service of unity” and gives a thoughtful articulation of why he is a Baptist despite also believing . . . . Continue Reading »

The Great American Low-Skill Melting Pot

From First Thoughts

Rising Republican stars, like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, support more open immigration policies. But not Pete Spiliakos : A further increase in low-skill workers would tend to drive down the wages of a population that is already struggling. Why would Democrats, who gain a disproportionate share of . . . . Continue Reading »

Weigel’s Familiar Quotations

From First Thoughts

In today’s  On the Square , George Weigel provides a few apt quotes to get you through your Wednesday. Here’s a sample: Getting the conversation started properly: “How doth truth prosper in thy parts?” (an old Quaker greeting). Read the rest here . . . . . Continue Reading »

A Question of Vocation

From First Thoughts

In his piece for today’s  On the Square ,  Aaron Taylor argues that Francis and Benedict’s comments on gay priests are part of “a robust commitment to defending the dignity of all people.” Gay Catholic men are not called to be priests merely because they are . . . . Continue Reading »