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How to Read a Book: Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch

From Web Exclusives

Here’s a conversation that you will have if you, at any point in your life, read a novel: You’ll dislike some aspect of it (let’s say the main character is flat and boring), you will voice this criticism of the novel (“the main character is flat and boring”), and then you will be told, no, that’s the point, he’s meant to be flat and boring, the book is an examination of the flat and boring. That brings us to Donna Tartt’s new book, The Goldfinch, which is made up of 771 lovely pages staring unblinking into the void. . . . Continue Reading »

Blog Roundup: I Want to Believe

From First Thoughts

Happy Thursday! Here’s what we have for you today. Peter Leithart is reading about: Cornelius Van Til , the humanity of Christ, Ukraine , and bodies . Dr. Boli gets into the posters-for-your-dentist’s-office game . Here at First Thoughts , Phillip Cary writes about what God did not find . . . . Continue Reading »