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From the April 2011 Print Edition

I am soaking in Revelation, in the King James, just before dawn, The dog snoring in his chair, everyone in the house sick and abed. Perhaps this is a dangerous idea, reading Revelation before sunrise. Perhaps I should absorb Revelation with a seat belt and a whiskey. But there are cracks in the . . . . Continue Reading »

Quid Hoc Ad Aeternitatem

From the January 2011 Print Edition

Quid hoc ad aeternitatem, as old Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Used to mumble when faced with the usual parade of travail, What does it matter in the light of eternity? And yet, and yet, With total respect for eternity, don’t you love your problems, The smallness of them, the salt and roar of . . . . Continue Reading »

Cub Scout

From the December 2010 Print Edition

You know how sometimes there’s a moment when everyone In the moment is startled by what happened without warning? This morning I remember an evening when this happened, at The Lutheran minister’s enormous dark echoing old mansion Just across the street from the Catholic church and the . . . . Continue Reading »

Mister Wilson

From the January 2010 Print Edition

One time a zillion years ago I played on a basketball team On which eight players had ponytails and our burly center Had a beard reminiscent of old Walt Whitman or Melville. We looked like the chorus at a Hassidic hipster convention. It was funny enough that we all had hair flying in the wind When . . . . Continue Reading »


From the January 1997 Print Edition

Michael LeBeau has wet his pants. He is Jupiter, the fifth planet, with a mass 318 times that of the earth. He is soaked. Even his socks are wet. He is crying tears of great magnitude. They are falling on the surface Of his plaster planet like meteorites. Michael’s father, With a mass five . . . . Continue Reading »