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American Liberty: An Introduction

From First Thoughts

So alongside my rock songbook, I’m inaugurating here a new series about the American idea of liberty. I have a peculiar framework for thinking about the American idea of liberty, which I first developed for a class, but which I’m now hoping to develop into a book. Here is the beginning . . . . Continue Reading »

Spengler on the New New World Order

From First Thoughts

In “A World Learning to Manage without the U.S.,” he argues there is an emerging Russia-Saudi-Chinese axis. (All three have reasons to hate the Muslim Brotherhood, for one.) A grimly fun piece in which Mr. Goldman understandably touts how many times he’s been right on foreign . . . . Continue Reading »

Bob Filner for NRC Chairman

From First Thoughts

Word has it that San Diego Democrats have finally gathered up enough moral spine from among their thousands of officials and functionaries to pressure Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego and Honorary Emperor-for-Life of Harassamentstan, into resigning from the first of those posts. But lest such a . . . . Continue Reading »