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From the March 2021 Print Edition

“With clouds descending,” says the book,the day of his appearing, thus,might, just as any other, lookat first like when from broken skies to usa sudden ray of sun shines through,greening the ground on which we stand. Some dissent. In these dark times newwording twists; others demandno word be . . . . Continue Reading »

The Neo-Confucian Bluff

From the November 2020 Print Edition

After being denounced during the Cultural Revolution (1966–76) as inconsistent with Marxist ideals, Confucianism has made an astonishing return to official favor in China. In 2010, I participated in the first Nishan Forum, which marked a dramatic and orchestrated confirmation that Confucian . . . . Continue Reading »

The Christ of Marc Chagall

From the April 2014 Print Edition

It recently became widely known that the favorite painting of Pope Francis is the White Crucifixion by Marc Chagall. The news stirred up considerable speculation and controversy. Chagall, born Moishe Segal in the Polish-Lithuanian village of Vitebsk (now in Belarus), was probably the most prominent . . . . Continue Reading »

God’s Patient Stet

From the June/July 2011 Print Edition

It is a sobering thought that Richard Wilbur, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning poet (1957, 1989) who was named poet laureate of the United States in 1987, is now ninety years old. David Orr, in a recent Sunday book review in the New York Times, has aptly enough called him “the Grand Old Man of . . . . Continue Reading »