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A Depressing Double Dip

From Web Exclusives

Barack Obama won the presidency by making his mantra, “Yes, we can.” It seems downright un-American to say, “No, you can’t,” but it is getting harder and harder to avoid the conclusion that the American economy is the little engine that couldn’t… . Continue Reading »

Deflation and the Equity Risk Premium

From First Thoughts

I posted this piece earlier today at the Asia Times “Inner Workings” blog. Normally I don’t double post, but this is a cool piece of analysis. Pardon me for repeating myself. In the crudest version of the dividend discount model, the stock price P is a function of earnings and . . . . Continue Reading »

President Obama Is Not Even A Muslim

From First Thoughts

Today’s Google News leads with a new poll showing that 18% of Americans think that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Only 34% of Americans think he is a Christian, down from 48% a year ago. And 43% gave the correct answer: they don’t know what he is.The great physicist Wolfgang Pauli . . . . Continue Reading »