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A Depressing Double Dip

From Web Exclusives

Barack Obama won the presidency by making his mantra, “Yes, we can.” It seems downright un-American to say, “No, you can’t,” but it is getting harder and harder to avoid the conclusion that the American economy is the little engine that couldn’t… . Continue Reading »

Deflation and the Equity Risk Premium

From First Thoughts

I posted this piece earlier today at the Asia Times “Inner Workings” blog. Normally I don’t double post, but this is a cool piece of analysis. Pardon me for repeating myself. In the crudest version of the dividend discount model, the stock price P is a function of earnings and . . . . Continue Reading »

President Obama Is Not Even A Muslim

From First Thoughts

Today’s Google News leads with a new poll showing that 18% of Americans think that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Only 34% of Americans think he is a Christian, down from 48% a year ago. And 43% gave the correct answer: they don’t know what he is.The great physicist Wolfgang Pauli . . . . Continue Reading »

The Heidegger Puzzle

From First Thoughts

The recent publication of transcripts of Martin Heidegger’s 1934 Freiburg seminars on Being, the People and the State simply adds to the confusion over the philosopher’s relationship to Nazism. Michael Wyschogrod reviewed Emanuel Faye’s widely-read book on Heidegger in the March . . . . Continue Reading »