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Kangaroo Canada

From the Aug/Sept 2008 Print Edition

Mark Steyn is the author of the bestselling America Alone , a witty tirade against the decline of the West, a portion of which appeared in the Canadian magazine Maclean’s . Ezra Levant was the publisher of a journal called the Western Standard , which in 2006 reprinted cartoons depicting . . . . Continue Reading »

Anglicanism Runs Aground

From the January 2005 Print Edition

The good ship Anglican, as Archbishop Robin Eames acknowledges in his preface to the Windsor Report, appears to many observers “to be set on a voyage of self-destruction.” Indeed, Eames admits that “if realistic and visionary ways cannot be agreed to meet the levels of disagreement . . . . Continue Reading »

Three Meanings of Secular

From the May 2003 Print Edition

It is said that we live in a secular society. But what is meant by “secular”? All relevant usages of the word, deriving as it does from saecularis (of an age, or of a generation), point to a concern with the affairs of our time, as opposed to some other; to a concern with this world of . . . . Continue Reading »