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Luther, the Movie

From the January 2004 Print Edition

At least among sociologists of religion, if not journalists, it has become something of a cliché that liberal churches inevitably lose members while conservative ones continue to grow. Perhaps the most vivid”indeed garish”example of this trend would be the Church of England (and . . . . Continue Reading »

Second-Hand Civ.

From the June/July 2003 Print Edition

Eccentric Culture: A Theory of Western Civilization by Rémi Brague Translated by Samuel Lester St. Augustine’s. 205 pp. $28. In the opening months of World War II, Winston Churchill delegated, among others, the future Tory Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to try to cajole the United States . . . . Continue Reading »

Newman’s Liberal Problem

From the April 2003 Print Edition

In Scenes of Clerical Life the novelist George Eliot managed to capture in one sentence the true import of the religious controversies that were tearing apart the Church of England in the nineteenth century. Speaking of the disruption caused by the arrival of a young Anglican curate with . . . . Continue Reading »

Problems or Puzzles?

From the May 2002 Print Edition

The German word for “courage,” Mut , is verbal cousin to the English word “mood.” But unlike English, German can play variations on that root by attaching prefixes to specify the mood. For example, Anmut means “charm” and Hochmut “arrogance.” That esoteric . . . . Continue Reading »

Stanley Fish’s Milton

From the November 2001 Print Edition

How Milton Works by stanley fish harvard university press, 616 pages, $35. Stanley Fish zooms across the firmament of American higher education like Flash Gordon’s rocketship. Currently the Academic Dean at the University of Illinois in Chicago (where he cops an annual salary approaching a . . . . Continue Reading »