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They Had Theology, We Have Zoning

From First Thoughts

In 1735, Anne Hutchinson and her husband started a home Bible-study group, which started small but grew to include about sixty people. This was noticed first by their neighbors, then by the state, neither of whom liked the idea of unlicensed preaching going on in a private home. (Also, she was a . . . . Continue Reading »

Headline: ‘Russian Shows Resolve’

From First Thoughts

It’s true, he did! Dmitry Bibikow of Harare, Zimbabwe, and originally of Voronezh, has been wheelchair-bound since a climbing accident, which is a problem because his apartment is on the fifth floor. The local council still hadn’t installed a promised elevator after six years, so he . . . . Continue Reading »

Literally Sexy Money

From First Thoughts

From Shiva Naipaul’s travel essay about the Seychelles, “Fall from Innocence”: He refers to a fifty-rupee note adorned with a group of emblematic coconut trees. When examined from a certain angle, the fronds patterned themselves into the letters S-E-X. (I was given a tie adorned . . . . Continue Reading »