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Judge Not?

From the October 1994 Print Edition

We are a society awash in exculpatory strategies. We’ve devised lots of fascinating ways to let ourselves or others off the hook: all one need do is think of recent, well-publicized trials to appreciate the truth of this. We Americans are at present being bombarded with sensationalistic tales . . . . Continue Reading »

Take Back the Mind

From the April 1994 Print Edition

Katie Roiphe is a brave woman. She counters the “Take Back the Night” ideology with what might be tagged “Take Back the Mind.” Specifically, she urges young women to think twice or three times about what they are being urged to endorse in the name of victim feminism. Is there . . . . Continue Reading »

The Newtape File IV

From the June/July 1993 Print Edition

Dear Nephew, my impish one,You seem to have grasped the point about eviscerating distinctions of any serious content. I am delighted to witness the scenes of domestic discord, and you coached young Bud wonderfully in the donnybrook with Mother Smith. She seems rather shaken, fretting, as any good . . . . Continue Reading »

The Newtape File III

From the May 1993 Print Edition

Dear Nephew,I trust it did not escape your notice that I have eliminated an affectionate diminutive in my greeting. I am just a bit annoyed that those undamned Smiths in Fremont, Nebraska”whom I have placed in your keeping”persist in tithing. You did succeed in staying Mr. Smith’s . . . . Continue Reading »

The Newtape File II

From the April 1993 Print Edition

Dear Nephew, my hellborn one,Ah, how I delight in writing you as my esteemed Uncle, Screwtape, once instructed me, he of diabolical dishonor, now emeritus. He has well earned his current sojourn in a New York City establishment that goes by the pithy name, Sex. I fear, however, that Uncle may be . . . . Continue Reading »

The Newtape File: I

From the March 1993 Print Edition

As compiled by Jean Bethke Elshtain, she having discovered a mysterious virus in her computer one day as she worked on yet another piece on whither virtue . . . Dear Nephew, my little popinjay,My mood is nearly jaunty. Please don’t misunderstand. My dyspepsia and misanthropy are intact. But . . . . Continue Reading »

The American Battlefield

From the May 1992 Print Edition

On first reading of Culture Wars, James Hunter’s study of America’s social divisions, I was greatly impressed. On reading it again, I am still impressed, but there are points at which I wanted Hunter to go a bit further, to push home his central theme with a bit more fervor, and to . . . . Continue Reading »

My Mother, the Expert

From the October 1991 Print Edition

When I was a sophomore in high school in Colorado in the late 1950s, I was required, as were all female students, to take a course in “home economics.” The home economics movement had emerged out of a progressivist desire to “scientize” a hitherto amateur activity. The complicated tasks of . . . . Continue Reading »