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What Lambeth Wrought

From the October 2008 Print Edition

As the Anglican bishop Stephen Neill put it fifty years ago, “The first and burning question is naturally whether the Anglican communion in anything like its present form can survive at all.” At this summer’s Lambeth Conference, the much anticipated gathering of the world’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Reading Lambeth

From First Thoughts

It’s over, but it’s far from done. The 2008 Lambeth Conference wrapped up this past Sunday, and all the purple-shirted Anglican bishops went back home to the everyday work of proclaiming the Gospel in dioceses from Singapore to South Dakota. Was it a success? Will Anglicans look back . . . . Continue Reading »

Following Lambeth

From First Thoughts

Bloggers and reporters innumerable are churning out reports and commentary on the ongoing Lambeth Conference, and I’ve been dutifully reading as much of it as I can stand. My job, you see, is to spend too much time on the Internet, so that you don’t have to. (At least, that’s how . . . . Continue Reading »

Class and the Classroom

From the April 2008 Print Edition

Creating a Class: College Admissions and the Education of Elites by Mitchell L. Stevens Harvard University Press, 320 pages, $25 In the upper reaches of Manhattan’s East Side, the pristine McMansions of Palo Alto, and the verdant streets of Westchester County, life has surpassed satire in the . . . . Continue Reading »

Be a Junior Fellow

From First Thoughts

The last semester of my senior year at college, I was staring down the barrel of what seemed like years upon years of graduate school. At the time, with my senior thesis dragging on, and given the fact that I’d been in school continuously since kindergarten, the prospect didn’t seem all . . . . Continue Reading »

Anglican Confusion

From Web Exclusives

No one can deny there is plenty of disagreement in the Anglican Communion, but right now straightforward confusion is carrying the day.Around the world, Anglican primates have been asking the Americans to provide the rest of the church with clarity about their position on gay bishops and same-sex . . . . Continue Reading »

The Last Stand of Rowan Williams

From Web Exclusives

Summer is almost over, which for most of us means putting away the beach umbrella and suntan lotion and getting back to work, however much we dread facing the mountain of paper piled up in our inboxes.But if you’re one of the many who wishes that the daily grind could be postponed for just a . . . . Continue Reading »

Anglican Summertime Blues

From Web Exclusives

Now that summer at last has arrived, most sensible people have turned their thoughts to beaches, baseball, and the fine art of grilling bratwurst.Unfortunately for Anglicans, it is their lot to have church politics on their minds. There are dark rumors of schism afoot, hints of plots both liberal . . . . Continue Reading »