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Joseph Bottum is the former editor of First Things.

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Like a Horse and Carriage

From First Thoughts

The always interesting economics writer Megan McArdle notes that she is getting married on Saturday: We are finally on the brink of that happy moment that every girl dreams of: a qualified change in family status under section 125 of the tax code. See why I like her? Our congratulations and . . . . Continue Reading »

Low-Impact Religion

From First Thoughts

“Follow the Islamic way to save the world,” Prince Charles urges environmentalists . To which Mark Steyn replies , “The Prince of Wales brings together the two great religions of our age.” A little over the top, but it does remind one of the extent to which feminism has . . . . Continue Reading »

City Life

From First Thoughts

A conversation tonight reminded me of a scene I saw in South Dakota a few years ago: A pair of German tourists in the Black Hills, attempting to separate a mother buffalo from her new spring calf, so they could pose their children with the calf for a photograph. The scene is still vivid in my . . . . Continue Reading »

To the Dostoevsky Station

From First Thoughts

While George Weigel writes about the advance of the Russians in Ukraine —a story echoed today by John Allen —and we learn about the return, finally, of Moscow-area monasteries confiscated by the Communists , here’s another piece of Russian news: “Moscow Metro forced to delay . . . . Continue Reading »

My Commencement Address at Wheaton

From First Thoughts

I want to thank Wheaton College , out here in Illinois, for inviting me to give this year’s commencement address. I recognize that, as a practicing Catholic, I was a difficult choice for the school to make—since Wheaton College is, after all, the school so well featured in the movie . . . . Continue Reading »

Brittney, Brittny, Brittneigh

From First Thoughts

A friend sends along a link to a New York Times article about naming : “Giving one’s offspring odd, random or deliberately misspelled names is a form of mistreatment that also hurts the rest of society.” Remembering his fascination with American naming habits , she adds, “I . . . . Continue Reading »

Creating Life?

From First Thoughts

Unto His Own Image God becomes man: Venter creates synthetic life , reads one headline. One among many, many such boomings of the news about scientist Craig Venter’s synthesis of a new bacterium. A correspondent of Megan McArdle’s observes: I am getting bombarded with the Venter . . . . Continue Reading »