Waugh Revisited

From the June/July 1998 Print Edition

The Life of Evelyn Waugh By Douglas Lane Patey Blackwell. 448 pp. $44.95 When St. Augustine wrote his Confessions, he was, in a strong sense, “inventing” a life. To the raw data of his remarkable and varied experiences, he attempted to apply his freshly invented idea of history in order . . . . Continue Reading »

Asking the Wrong Question

From the April 1990 Print Edition

Prophetic Visions and Economic Realities: Protestants, Jews, & Catholics Confront the Bishops’ Letter on the Economyedited by charles straineerdmans, 257 pages, $13.95  Based upon its subtitle, one could imagine any of several different tacks this book might have taken. Editor Charles R. . . . . Continue Reading »