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Kevin Staley-Joyce is an Assistant Editor at First Things.

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Notre Dame All Over Again?

From First Thoughts

In May of last year, Joseph Bottum gave account in “ At the Gates of Notre Dame ” of the perfect storm set in motion by the University of Notre Dame’s public veneration of President Obama, which brought preexisting tensions between public Catholicism and university life to a head. . . . . Continue Reading »

Churchill’s Cigar Censors

From First Thoughts

It seems a covert operative of the PC police, or perhaps just a mischievous photoshopper, has infiltrated London’s Britain at War Museum, unceremoniously airbrushing Winston Churchill’s cigar from one of his most famous wartime candids on display there, to the chagrin of the museum’s . . . . Continue Reading »

No Suspects, Just Suspect Behavior

From First Thoughts

The Department of Homeland Security has released a Public Service Announcement suggesting vigilance as an antidote to terrorism, with a slogan that will, no doubt, strike some as a bit too politically correct: “There are no suspicious people, only suspicious behaviors.” . . . . Continue Reading »

Outgrowing Socialism

From First Thoughts

Whatever your theory of justice and fairness, you’ll be fascinated by a study published last week in the journal Science . “Fairness and Development of Inequality Acceptance” found that younger children favor socialist impulses toward wealth distribution, but grow to accept a more . . . . Continue Reading »

Steve Jobs Says “No” To iPorn

From First Thoughts

Steve Jobs can, as one commenter said of his 2007 iPhone debut presentation, “sell ice to an Eskimo.” What’s more interesting than what he can sell, though, is what he chooses not to. After his well-publicized decision not to sanction adult-themed applications on the new iPad, . . . . Continue Reading »