Streaming the Ancient Faith

From First Thoughts

In this morning’s  On the Square , Wesley J. Smith testifies to his Orthodox Christianity: The Orthodox Catholic Church—as it is formally called—is the  second largest in the world  with about 300 million members. And while we remain almost microscopic in the United . . . . Continue Reading »

Fifty Shades of Nothing

From First Thoughts

In his  On the Square   this morning, Edward Feser tackles the questions of nothingness as they emerge in contemporary philosophy and theoretical physics: John Leslie and Robert Lawrence Kuhn have published  The Mystery of Existence: Why Is There Anything At All? , a very useful . . . . Continue Reading »

Against Flameless Candles

From First Thoughts

In his column , Kevin M. Clarke explains why he believes wax-and-wick candles matter for worship. In the ecclesial space, the ersatz glow beneath a sacred image feels more like a nod to sentimentality than a creation of an authentic prayer space. It is a spiritual turn-off. I light a candle because . . . . Continue Reading »

Where’s the Sin?

From First Thoughts

In today’s  On the Square , Nathaniel Peters examines the recent papal encyclical: ” Lumen Fidei  discusses faith as it relates to Scripture, salvation, reason, theology, the Sacraments, and society, all without much explicit mention of sin.” Yet Pope Francis does . . . . Continue Reading »

Five Myths About Pope Francis

From First Thoughts

In his  On the Square this morning, William Doino Jr. debunks five falsehoods and/or partial truths about Pope Francis: “Since the opening days of his papacy, a flood of commentators have come forth to tell us what to expect of him, only to miss the mark.” Doino concludes by . . . . Continue Reading »

Do Fine Things

From Web Exclusives

In a May commencement address at the historically black Morehouse College, President Obama promoted same-sex marriage and cohabitation, advising the male audience of graduates to “Be the best husband to your wife, or your boyfriend, or your partner.” As Southern Baptist pastor William Dwight McKissic, Sr., pointed out, this was “an assault on Christian values and convictions… Continue Reading »