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Do Fine Things

From Web Exclusives

In a May commencement address at the historically black Morehouse College, President Obama promoted same-sex marriage and cohabitation, advising the male audience of graduates to “Be the best husband to your wife, or your boyfriend, or your partner.” As Southern Baptist pastor William Dwight McKissic, Sr., pointed out, this was “an assault on Christian values and convictions… Continue Reading »

Decay, or Renewal?

From First Thoughts

The recent  New York Times  exploration  of the sexual world of the University of Pennsylvania claims that competitiveness and insecurity feed off each other to drive campus sexual culture: Typical of elite universities today, Penn is filled with driven young women, many of whom . . . . Continue Reading »

Fuller Seminary’s Art Immersion

From First Thoughts

Summer intern Katherine Devorak’s  On the Square   reflects on her Fuller Seminary class, which “empowers and equips a new generation of artists and church leaders to effectively integrate worship, theology, and the arts.” The class instilled a love of the Church’s . . . . Continue Reading »

The Church in the Metropolis

From First Thoughts

Peter J. Leithart traces the decline of traditional denominationalism in today’s column : A 2009  Barna survey  found that denominational commitments have gone squishy in mainline Protestant churches, and Evangelicals don’t fare much better than the rest. After a similar . . . . Continue Reading »

Word Compression Blues

From First Thoughts

In his  On the Square  today , Russell E. Saltzman considers the fickleness of a member of the rising generation in the Internet Age: For the generation ahead of him, Facebook is still the social media choice. But his generation (I remember that phrase being used a lot) doesn’t like . . . . Continue Reading »

Visualizing the Human

From First Thoughts

In today’s column , Victor Lee Austin reflects on the proliferation of ultrasound technology: Every young expectant couple I know today, without exception, when they have a prenatal visit, hope they will get to see the baby. Every baby’s photo book today has a sonogram for its first . . . . Continue Reading »

Disloyal Options on the Glorious Fourth

From First Thoughts

Flags and fireworks. Generous helpings of out-of-context Declaration of Independence quotes. Quite a few hot dogs—New York City street cart vendors making a killing. But all these constituent elements of memorializing the courage of the planters, pastors, merchants, lawyers, and scholars who . . . . Continue Reading »

The NSA and the Man Who Was Shabbat

From First Thoughts

  Recent revelations of the National Security Agency’s intrusive surveillance have provoked many nervous glances over the shoulder from Americans concerned to preserve individual civil liberties. Timothy George  pointed out today that the news, coming as it does in the wake of the . . . . Continue Reading »