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Warrior’s Faith

From Web Exclusives

Last Friday saw the opening of Warrior, a Mixed Martial Arts film that turns out to be about something else: a fierce-yet-muted struggle between a father, Paddy, and his grown sons, Brendan and Tommy. It stars Tom Hardy (late of Inception and soon to be seen as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises), Joel Edgerton, and the redoubtable Nick Nolte, and it’s tracking 84 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes… . . Continue Reading »

Life in Comics

From Web Exclusives

If there is truth to the Christian artist’s claim that fiction is incarnational”that the spiritual significances of things must be not just enshrouded by but wedded to the fleshly movements of human characters”then might it not also be true that the portrayal of religious-minded characters is very often problematic? … Continue Reading »