Aquinas and the Heretics

From the December 1995 Print Edition

Some time ago, I wrote an essay claiming St. Thomas as the first Whig, one of the founders of “the party of liberty.” One antecedent to this claim comes in the essays of Lord Acton on the origins of the idea of liberty, and other antecedents in the political writings of Jacques Maritain, Thomas . . . . Continue Reading »

An Authentic Modernity

From the May 1993 Print Edition

The Ethics of Authenticity by Charles Taylor Harvard University Press, 142 pages, $17.95 To grow up in Canada is to inherit a privileged position for understanding modernity”sufficently distant from that hurtling spaceship of “the republic to our south,” while retaining (perhaps . . . . Continue Reading »

The Big Economic Lie

From the March 1992 Print Edition

There they go again. The presidential election of 1992 is bringing out among politicians and the media the Big Economic Lie. Virtually all editors today allow their reporters to broadcast this lie uncritically: “During the 1980s under Reaganomics the poor and the middle class lost . . . . Continue Reading »