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No to Gay Marriage but Yes to Gay Adoption?

From Web Exclusives

Paul Ryan’s recent off-the-cuff statement that he supports gay adoption while he opposes gay marriage is as likely to be a one-time slip as a change in position. Whether or not it represents his real view, it certainly is gaining traction among some Christians. This trend reveals a profound ignorance of the reasons for opposing same-sex marriage even among those who do oppose it… . Continue Reading »

Glasgow Midwives’ Case

From First Thoughts

In the U.K., two Catholic midwives, Mary Teresa Doogan and Concepta Wood , have just won an important court case regarding the conscience clause in the Abortion Act 1967 . Although this is a Scottish case, the Act applies to England and Wales, too, so the decision has implications for the whole of . . . . Continue Reading »

Were Joseph and Mary Really Married?

From First Thoughts

Were Joseph and Mary married? The Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox, and some Protestants teach that Mary remained “ever virgin.” Some, though, claim that a marriage has to be consummated to constitute a real marriage. Is this true? And what is the Church’s position on such marriages . . . . Continue Reading »

Re: Abortion and Child Support

From First Thoughts

Regarding  Amy Wax’s discussion of abortion and child support : As long as the law guarantees to a woman the absolute, unqualified and unconditional right, regardless of age or status, to give birth anonymously (as some 400 French women do every year, down from 4,000 in 1947), . . . . Continue Reading »