Debates, Conferences, Controversy!

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For the past few weeks, Michael Novak¯a member of the First Things editorial board and a frequent contributor to the magazine¯has been blogging at the Encyclopedia Britannica site about religion, America, and the Founding Fathers. On these topics, you’ll probably remember his April . . . . Continue Reading »

Moralism and UK Adoption Laws

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Overweening moralism is, if you believe most of what you read in the newspapers, the unique sin of conservative religious people. Of course, it isn’t actually true¯as witness this latest example of moralism, a secular-liberal moralism imposed by law, from Great Britain. At issue was . . . . Continue Reading »

Struggling Alone

From the February 2007 Print Edition

He came out to me in an email. I’ve known him for years, long enough that I can’t remember when we first met, and we were recently emailing back and forth about our lives, our futures—the kind of stuff separated friends discuss. Along the way he mentioned, in an aside, that he had some . . . . Continue Reading »

An Anscombe Society Conference

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Living a chaste life on a college campus is difficult. Defending your commitments to chastity, whether to your friends in the dorm room or to your professors in the classroom, is even more difficult. If you haven’t been a university student for a while, think back to what the sexual climate on . . . . Continue Reading »

Anderson: Junior Fellowships

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If you’re a young writer or thinker¯finishing your undergraduate degree or graduate program, or heading into the professional world¯then the First Things junior fellowship is for you. You’ll participate in all of the activities of the journal: from article submission and . . . . Continue Reading »

Anderson: Peter Singer’s Animals

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Animal-rights activists are up in arms about a recent statement by Peter Singer¯a bioethics professor at Princeton’s Center for Human Values who was, once upon a time, beloved by those activists for his 1975 book Animal Liberation . The problem seems to be this: A neurosurgeon Tipu Aziz . . . . Continue Reading »