NARAL Catholics Advising Obama

From First Thoughts

You are the Democratic candidate for president. You want to reach out to Catholics. So what do you do when the majority of the elected officials on your National Catholic Advisory Council have the seal of approval from NARAL Pro-Choice America? Bill McGurn explains in his Wall Street Journal . . . . Continue Reading »


From First Thoughts

Nathaniel Peters has a nice review as this week’s “Book of the Week” for Books and Culture . Here’s how John Wilson, the editor of B&C, describes it: Our current Book of the Week is Mystics , by William Harmless, reviewed by Nathaniel Peters, who commends it as a lucid guide . . . . Continue Reading »

The War on Abstinence

From Web Exclusives

The Los Angeles Unified School District doesn’t want Karen Kropf talking to its students. District leaders fear that what she says isn’t “balanced” and that she’s not a certified “expert” in the field. Really, though, they just don’t like her message about teenage sexual self-control . . . . Continue Reading »

Russert’s Life Lessons

From First Thoughts

Our editor in chief has some poignant remarks on Tim Russert’s passing in today’s daily article on the homepage. Read those first. But also take a look at Peggy Noonan’s column . A taste: The beautiful thing about the coverage was that it offered extremely important information to . . . . Continue Reading »

Catholic Hospitals

From First Thoughts

A reader sends in a link to this report , just published online: A new study of Texas’ Inpatient Hospital Discharge Public Use Data Files for 2000 through 2003 shows that the six US Catholic hospital systems operating in Texas reported providing contraceptive devices and medications as well . . . . Continue Reading »

Teenage Pregnancy

From First Thoughts

In yesterday’s daily article, I wrote about the War on Abstinence being waged by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. At the top of the Drudge Report this morning are news reports from Gloucester, Massachusetts, about seventeen girls—-all under the age of sixteen—-who made a pact to . . . . Continue Reading »