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Throwing Out the Whole Thing

From First Thoughts

Last evening I heard a piece on National Public Radio about a twenty-one year old man who has left orthodox Judaism.  The piece also included an interview with someone involved in an organization who assist people who have left or are thinking of leaving.  The brand of orthodox Judaism . . . . Continue Reading »

Cinematic Cosmic Joy

From First Thoughts

I have previously written in this space of Eric Rohmer’s film L’amour après-midi , in my opinion, the best film of one of the best filmmakers after the incomparable Robert Bresson. (I have written about Bresson here ) There is another of Rohmer’s films that I think is especially . . . . Continue Reading »


From First Thoughts

One of the many themes not dealt with adequately if at all, by contemporary fiction is a realistic portrayal on the effect of religion upon sincere believers. Often modern portrayals are hostile and even when not, they are often mythic (think of Flannery O’Connor) or sentimentalized. A happy . . . . Continue Reading »