Miller to Klein to Rogers—Double Play!

From First Thoughts

There was an excellent discussion on Delaware public television on the subject of Joe Biden, Catholic teaching on abortion, and Catholic voters. The three panelists were Prof. Robert T. Miller of Villanova University School of Law, Fr. Leonard Klein of the Catholic diocese of Wilmington, and Prof. . . . . Continue Reading »

A Wedding Toast

From First Thoughts

Amanda posted yesterday an excerpt from a book entitled A Discourse of the Married and Single Life: Wherein by Discovering the Misery of One, is Plainly Declared the Felicity of the Other . This made me think back twenty-six years to my wedding reception. My wife and I and our families and the . . . . Continue Reading »

Good for Seoul

From First Thoughts

While in Seoul, South Korea this summer, I had the opportunity to attend Saturday evening Mass at Myongdong Cathedral with a young French physicist friend. I couldn’t understand a word—it was entirely in Korean—but I was deeply moved. There were no rich vestments, incense, Gregorian . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Edge of Discovery

From Web Exclusives

As many of you know, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) turned on yesterday in Geneva. So maybe I should say a little about it, since this is the kind of physics I do for a living. The LHC is a very big deal for physics. It is likely to make the first major breakthrough in particle physics in over . . . . Continue Reading »

RE: McCain & Abortion

From First Thoughts

Despite Jody’s observations , I think McCain was absolutely right not to spend a lot time talking about abortion and related issues in his acceptance speech. Consider: (a) You’ve got to get possession of the bully pulpit before giving the sermons. (b) Those on both sides for whom the . . . . Continue Reading »

I Was a Teenage Darwinist

From First Thoughts

I was surfing the television a few nights ago and came across something on EWTN that really irked me. It was an embarrassingly stupid show called “I was a Teenage Darwinist.” It featured some mountebank striding up and down in front of an audience, wisecracking and sneering at Darwinism . . . . Continue Reading »

The Real Question for Nancy Pelosi

From First Thoughts

It seems to me that the Catholic bishops are missing a golden teaching opportunity. Bishops are rightly concerned that for them to publicly warn or chastise politicians because of their voting records on abortion will be misunderstood as politically motivated. All sorts of issues get dragged into . . . . Continue Reading »

More on those tablets

From First Thoughts

Mary Rose, I think you may be jumping the gun a bit about the pre-Christian tablet recently reported on in the New York Times . You say, “All we can ascertain from this discovery is that this notion mentioned on the tablet—the notion of a suffering messiah dying and rising from the dead . . . . Continue Reading »

Re: The Liturgically Ineffable

From First Thoughts

Nathaniel calls our attention to Bishop Trautman’s difficulties with the word ineffable as reported in the Erie Times-News . The same newspaper article relates the following: Trautman called parts of the proposed translation “archaic” and “just clumsy language.” One . . . . Continue Reading »

When Harmonizing Brings No Harmony

From First Thoughts

Last week Ryan Anderson called our attention to a new kind of moral analysis developed by Elizabeth Harman of Princeton University and announced at a conference recently held there. This is how Harman formulated her new discovery: “Things have moral status throughout their existence, just in . . . . Continue Reading »