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Written in Stone

From the November 2007 Print Edition

The Law of God: The Philosophical History of an Idea by Rémi Brague University of Chicago, 336 pages, $35 Rémi Brague’s latest book is a learned and meticulously documented exposition of the notion of divine law, from the Greeks through the founding documents of Judaism, . . . . Continue Reading »

Modern Times

From the February 2007 Print Edition

A World Beyond Politics? A Defense of the Nation-State by Pierre Manent Princeton University Press, 228 pages, $35 The novelist and sometime phil?o?sopher Walker Percy used to say that Angelism-by which he meant the denial of our bodily nature-is the defining heresy of modernity. The great French . . . . Continue Reading »

The Truth About Lies

From the November 2006 Print Edition

Truth: A Guide by Simon Blackburn Oxford University Press, 272 pages, $25 SIMON BLACKBURN’S ABILITY to be at once engaging and rigorous is unrivaled in contemporary philosophy. As a guide to what we ought ultimately to think about truth, however, his latest, Truth: A Guide , is much less . . . . Continue Reading »

The Beginning of the Journey

From the May 2006 Print Edition

In the summer of 1921, while visiting friends, Edith Stein chanced upon the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila. Reading through the night, she completed an important stage in her own intellectual and religious development. She decided to become a Catholic and to follow the path of St. Teresa into . . . . Continue Reading »