From the March 2016 Print Edition

My life is one perpetual retreat.Wall off the world for books to be adored,Testaments Old and New, Word of the Lordwhose great librarian is the Paraclete.Yesterday was the Feast of Christ’s baptism:“This is my Son with whom I am well pleased,”saith the Lord, and once when I was seizedwith . . . . Continue Reading »

Open the Way

From the January 2016 Print Edition

Open the Way for God? Take to the road,Calvary Hill. It is no easy path.Give up your greed, your tendency to wrath,go to confession, and lay down your load.Turn your attention from your sad sack selfto those around you, suffering and in need.Let no day pass without a kindred deed,take down the King . . . . Continue Reading »

Hrothgar’s Homily

From the February 2006 Print Edition

I tell you this tale as I mull and marvel how the Almighty metes to mankind the blessings of reason, rule, and realm. He arranges it all. For a time He allows the mind of a man to linger in love with earthly honors. He offers him homeland to hold and enjoy, a fort full of fighters, men to command . . . . Continue Reading »