Wisdom 13:5-9

From the May 2008 Print Edition

We worshipped moon and sun, comets, the circling stars, Venus and bloodstained Mars, ignorant of our duty owed to the unnamed one, kindler of every beauty and fire by which we find the hand, the designing mind of heaven’s artisan. . . . . Continue Reading »

Lost in Translation

From Web Exclusives

"Translations are like lovers: There are those that are beautiful but untrue¯and those that are true but unbeautiful."An old saw, perhaps, but I first heard it from the poet Dick Davis, himself a talented translator from medieval Persian . Nonetheless, we live in a glorious age for . . . . Continue Reading »

Hrothgar’s Homily

From the February 2006 Print Edition

I tell you this tale as I mull and marvel how the Almighty metes to mankind the blessings of reason, rule, and realm. He arranges it all. For a time He allows the mind of a man to linger in love with earthly honors. He offers him homeland to hold and enjoy, a fort full of fighters, men to command . . . . Continue Reading »