April Letters

From the April 1990 Print Edition

Jewish-Christian Dialogue I have read with a great deal of interest Russell Hittinger’s thoughtful review of David Novak’s new hook, Jewish-Christian Dialogue: A Jewish Justification (March). At the very outset of the hook, as Hittinger notes, Novak examines three objections to dialogue made by . . . . Continue Reading »

Briefly Noted

From the April 1990 Print Edition

Defenders of God: The Fundamentalist Revolt against the Modern Ageby bruce b. lawrence harper & row, 306 pages, $24.95 The subtitle says it all. Lawrence, who teaches the history of religion at Duke, attempts with modest success to analyze similarities between American fundamentalism and militant . . . . Continue Reading »

March Letters

From the March 1990 Print Edition

Setting the Agenda (Editors’ note: In order to inaugurate our correspondence section, we asked a number of people to respond briefly to the following question: “What are the most important issues in religion and public life that First Things should address, and what advice would you give us for . . . . Continue Reading »