This is an awful truth: Barring the unforeseen, Terri Schiavo is going to die. She has now been without food and water for so long that even if she were rehydrated, her organs might be so damaged that she would not regain her health.

How are we to act in the face of such a profound injustice? Many are feeling deep anger, fury, even hate. Some are tempted to act on these feelings. They must not! All of us must resist surrendering to the cancer of recrimination and embrace what Lincoln called the better angels of our nature. Moreover, giving vent to rage would not save Terri and would only reinforce the slanderous beliefs of those who are emotionally invested in seeing Terri’s defenders as merely an irrational mob.

The better approach at this awful moment—the RIGHT approach—it seems to me, is to simply be in solidarity with Terri and her family.

For those who are Christian, during this Holy Week, the Lord showed the way. Pray. Pray for Terri at this, the time of her death. Pray for those doing this to Terri, “for they know not what they do.” Pray for Terri’s family that they find the deep peace that is beyond human understanding.

Torah and the Psalms offer much wisdom as we read of those being persecuted unto death who found wisdom and solace in the face of lethal societal rejection—which is precisely what Terri is experiencing.

Readers who are not sectarian but generally spiritual, I ask you to turn to that Source you perceive as governing life and seek solidarity with your dying sister at the level of the sublime. Contemplate what she is experiencing, be with her in your heart as she moves into whatever comes next.

For those without metaphysical beliefs, perhaps deep reflection and sober analysis are the right responses.

However we empathize with Terri seedbox and her family, our actions must always be, as we have the ability, centered in love.

And then, once Terri is gone, let us mourn her passing and always remember her sweet face as we strive unceasingly to create a society where all human life truly matters.

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