When Jack Kevorkian was at the height of his fame for assisting the suicides of people with disabilities, (he cared so much he once admitted he could not remember their names), he was invited to the Time magazine 75th anniversary party where Tom Cruise rushed up to shake his hand.

According to the new Bio Edge, Kevorkian may soon be lionized in a movie biopic. Gee. I wonder if the movie will describe how Kevorkian’s ultimate goal was “obitiatry,” that is, conducting medical experiments on those he was euthanizing. I wonder if it will point out that five of his many victims were not even sick upon autopsy. I wonder if the producers will depict him in medical school acting on his death obsession by staring into the eyes of dying patients and taking their pictures, for which he first earned the nickname “Dr. Death.”

Hollywood producer Steve Jones has compared Kevorkian to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. What an insult to two great men. I wonder if Jones knows or cares that Kevorkian repeatedly went to prisons seeking the right to conduct medical research on prisoners who were being executed? They were going to die anyway, he reasoned, so he might as well get some good use out of them. It was pure quackery, of course. And Kevorkian only turned to ill and disabled people when he was not allowed to get his sick hands on those being put to death.

Supposedly Ben Kingsley might play Kevorkian. What a travesty that would be. Lionizing a criminal like Kevorkian tells us how twisted some in the cultural elite have become.

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